Friday, November 30, 2012

Surprise! Confetti Packaging

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be fun to do my very first tutorial on what I call, Confetti Packaging. 
{Due to the confetti layered within the wrapping!}
This packaging is all about fun and is as enjoyable for grown ups as it is for kids. 

{Side Note}: My example was made in Birthday Party colors but this packaging style can easily be customized to any occasion...  
unless you are planning on doing a neon themed Christmas in which case you can ignore this side note, ha ha

Here is what you will need:
an item to be wrapped
Kraft paper or any solid colored wrapping paper
one sheet of white tissue paper (white or other light colors works best)
colored paper

twine or ribbon for wrapping
gift tag
colored pencil or pen
craft punch

To assemble your package:
Begin by using your Kraft paper to wrap your item.
Cut fun confetti shapes out of your colorful paper with scissors or a craft punch 
Sprinkle your confetti on top of the wrapped package 
Center and layer your sheet of tissue paper on top
This is the hardest part, gently pull tissue paper tight around the sides of your package and with both hands flip package over, be careful not to let the confetti spill out.
Continue to wrap your package in the tissue paper securing it well with tape
Add a tag and twine for the final touch and...


Sources: ball of twine, Kraft paper, colored paper similar to, Neon Pink Ombre Gift tag, tissue paper (Costco: seasonal in store)

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